Nail  scratch sticker

Nail scratch sticker

  • The colour you can choose between black, white and gold.
  • This sticker does not have a background colour
  • Externally fitting: Suitable for bodywork & windows
  • If you would prefer the item reverse cut; To fit inside of the window and be viewable from the outside as normal, please just leave a comment when purchasing to let us know you require internal application.
Fitting instructions
Prepare surface properly, ensure it is spotless for best adhesion.
Clean only with water - please avoid using washing up liquid/window cleaning solutions, etc.
Lay sticker flat and squeegee over.
Remove backing paper, leaving the sticker on clear application tape.
Apply one edge of sticker to surface, slowly apply the rest onto surface, squeegee over firmly.
Carefully remove clear application tape, leaving your new sticker applied to the surface.